The seasoning of high quality meat

The seasoning of high quality meat

30 November 2022

In the production of high quality meat, maturing is the chemical-physical process that takes place over a more or less long period in specific environmental conditions and gives the final product its appearance, texture, flavor and characteristic aroma and ideal for consumption.

Dry aged maturation (cuts of meat wrapped only in a breathable stocking), or rather the dry seasoning of high quality meat such as Chianina PGI, is a natural process that lasts from 30 days up to 80 and more, which today takes place in special cells at temperature, humidity and controlled air diffusion that favors the enzymatic interaction with the molecules and the biochemical structure of the meat.

These microorganisms break down sugars and proteins and at the same time dissolve the structure of muscle fibers and connective tissue making the meat tender and soft. The taste of the fat is sweeter, the meat takes on caramelized notes and releases the umami (concentrated taste) of the breed of the animal.

For 30 years Standard Tech has been a leader in quality curing and for about 10 years it has made important investments in prolonged maturation with low consumption and controlled weight loss of fine meats in small or large quantities.