The frozen products

The frozen products

20 March 2023

In the last period, the frozen products sector has recorded unprecedented numbers, with an increasingly marked growth year after year. A success that earned a new record of per capita consumption of these products, at the end of 2021 equal to about 16 kg (+5% compared to the previous year) but above all in terms of volume almost +14% in the period 2020-2021 compared to pre-Covid values.

Frozen foods have become an integral part of the food choices of all Italians, thanks to their many strengths:

  • the high quality level of raw materials;
  • high nutritional intake;
  • the growing breadth of the proposal;
  • the enormous practicality of use, especially for increasingly frequent increasingly frequent families composed of few people;
  • constant availability at any time of the year;
  • the great anti-waste value;
  • meeting the growing needs of sustainable consumption.

In short, it has become a habit for the vast majority of users, who can obtain high quality products with affordable prices, even in the manifestation of unfavorable international scenarios.

The most sought-after products are vegetables, fish products, frozen potatoes, pizzas (2021 was the first year in which Italian frozen pizza companies were able to export pizzas containing pork to the American market – the famous pepperoni pizza use spicy salami – with a sales volume of about + 20%) and salty snacks, confirming the newfound domestic dimension of an important habit such as the aperitif. Also in Standard Tech the great vitality of the Italian frozen food sector has been noted, in fact the requests for the realization of low temperature cells have increased.

The proposed technology involves the use of important energy saving tools, avoiding for example very expensive electrical defrosting, a fundamental factor given the recent increases in energy prices, as well as the use of 100% green fluids.