The environment in the heart and mind

The environment in the heart and mind

16 September 2021

For several years now we at Standard Tech have started a process to make our contribution to environmental protection. It’s not just a question of the new job opportunities that exist, but it’s also an ethical question.

“If we love our children and future generations, everyone must take care of the environment in which we live on the basis of their abilities and knowledge”.

The journey started with small things such as the use of an open space office to share information while saving paper and electricity or the periodic replacement of vehicles for a better environmental class, then moving on to the more substantial ecological contribution obtainable with thirty years of experience Standard Tech systems: “design and build low-consumption systems using totally natural refrigerants”.

A very ambitious and costly goal in terms of investments because it required the hiring of two new engineers with specific training and a close collaboration with the University of Padua which is still ongoing.

We are aware that the finish line is still far away because the technical improvement bar continues to move towards new and ever more performing standards, but we are equally aware that the reward for our respect and love for the environment will be a simple thank you from future generations.