The cold in question is a continuous evolution

The cold in question is a continuous evolution

13 January 2023

We recently came across a construction design challenge that at the beginning, given the thirty-year experience in food refrigeration, seemed easy but gradually the customer’s needs were revealed along the way and our technicians had to bring out the best in themselves.

Out of respect for our customer, who is also well known among producers of high-quality sweets, we will cite just a few data for a greater general understanding of the problem.

Continuously cool blocks of dough weighing about 10 kg. almost 10 cm high from a temperature of 30/32 ° C. to a temperature of 8/10 ° C. to the heart in an hour.

It seems like a beginner thing in refrigeration but if we add the very fat dough component, because it is traditionally artisanal, and that each block at the end of the cooling cycle must result in a smooth, soft surface but with a certain degree of consistency, it becomes a little more complicated. And if the entire dough which, as we have said, is about 10 cm high, must have the same firmness from the surface to the center, the challenge becomes increasingly difficult.

For this reason, we have designed a very flexible system, introducing the concept of harmonious cold for the first time in Standard Tech. In other words, the cold must change along the residence time curve.

After two weeks of continuous testing and with the kind patience of the customer, the goal was achieved to the great satisfaction of our customer’s designers, testers and production managers.