The BIOXTECH® Seasoning System

The BIOXTECH® Seasoning System

8 November 2021

The BIOXTECH® maturing system designed by Standard Tech systems for high quality organic cheeses is characterized by the correct design balance of six fundamental elements.

The movement of the air takes place in the absence of anomalous currents, i.e. at a practically static speed thanks to the special textile diffusers.

Humidification is of the sterile type to prevent unwanted bacterial growth.

The air exchange is effective and guarantees the correct oxygenation of the cheese.

Parameter adjustment takes place via PLC with a dedicated program and allows modularity proportionate to stock.

The sanitizability is guaranteed by easily accessible stainless materials and by the VELO-CE® fabric diffusers that can be disassembled for periodic washing.

Silence, an index of quality and performance, creates well-being for the cheese being matured and for those involved in handling it.