Stracchino Cheese

Stracchino Cheese

19 January 2022

Stracchino is a cheese that originated in the Po Valley from the 1200s.

The name of this cheese comes from the term “stracch” which in Lombard dialect means “tired”: in fact, stracchino is produced with low-fat milk that the “stracche” cows produce during transhumance from the pastures to the plain.

It is a low-fat and creamy cheese with excellent nutritional values and a large quantity of live lactic ferments.

The curd, obtained from whole raw milk, is broken in two different moments in order to obtain a very soft cheese.

The cheese then undergoes the following processes:

  • Stew for 36 hours
  • Salting
  • Seasoning for about 20 days

The stracchino must have a pearly white color with no imperfections, for this reason it is of fundamental importance that the working, maintenance and maturing environments have a high level of sanitization such as those proposed by Standard Tech Impianti.

In fact, it is essential to create cells, rooms and refrigeration systems with washable materials to ensure adequate control of the bacterial load on all surfaces, and to increase the degree of healthiness of the environments and consequently the quality of the product.