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Eco-sustainable quality refrigeration

It is not a question of misapply an already known terminology but of describing the great change in the way of “making cold” that we are experiencing with enthusiasm and passion. Energy consumption, environmental protection, people’s well-being, food safety are issues that have entered our technical language by force in addition to the traditional ones: plant performance, durability and sanitisability of the equipment in the field.

We have replaced traditional gas refrigerators with low-charge CO2 or ammonia (maximum 75 kg). Where this is not possible, for obvious reasons, we have designed our “refrigerators” to contain minimal quantities of low GWP (Global Warming Potential) freon gas and use food-grade propylene glycol in the secondary circuits. We are then systematically using motors with inverters, proportional electronic controls, “free cooling” air conditioning systems that automatically use only external air to cool the processing rooms, low-friction air diffusers, “proportional climate” air changes that “chase” the low temperatures of the outside air, non-electric coil defrosting systems, etc. etc…

All with a single purpose: safe, high-performance, long-lasting systems with low maintenance costs but at the same time energy-efficient, noiseless and with a very low environmental impact.

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