Salami curing chamber


Salami curing chamber

Standard Tech offers turnkey system solutions for the curing of salami. In addition to building these systems, the company also offers clients expert technological support intended to combine curing technology with product processing stages.

This technology is mainly formed of:

Turbo Drying Rooms

The systems associated with these rooms are essential to guarantee the client a homogeneous and high-quality final product. Specifically, the drying phase allows for refrigerant and heating forces to be combined with the correct air flow in order to eliminate significant quantities of water already at the very beginning of the process, starting from high temperatures and reaching lower values. As a matter of fact, it is known that a drastic reduction of water quantity allows for a better and more homogeneous control of subsequent fermentation as well as a decrease in the risk of product acidity.

The air treatment units are made of stainless steel and are connected to prevalently autonomous ECOFREDDO® refrigeration plants with high energy savings, to convey cold and heat to the coils simultaneously without the aid of further secondary systems. The controlled parameters are temperature and relative humidity, the latter being particularly low so as to quickly eliminate water in the product, thanks to the size of the cooling coils with elevated thermal gradients between the evaporation temperature and the average internal temperature of the room. Air distribution takes place through lateral stainless-steel ducts combined with adjustable cones, whereas the recovery ducts are in the centre of the room with adjustable plastic anemostats. The system is sized in such as a way so as to avoid encrustation: it functions with adjustable operating and down-time periods that can be set through PLCs with customisable parameters; when operating, the product is superficially dried, whereas during down-time, the pieces are “woke up”, allowing the gradual and homogeneous release of water from inside the salami, completely avoiding the risk of encrustation.

Salami curing chamber

Particularly suited to industrial production, the turbo curing systems function with stainless steel air handling units combined with direct or indirect expansion (with the use of inhibited propylene glycol for food use) ECOFREDDO® refrigeration plants.

The cooling and heating coils inside the machines are made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion owing to long periods of product storage due to the creation of environments with a highly saline atmosphere. The supply and return ducts are made of stainless steel with adjustable cones and anemostats.

The air treatment units are connected to air exchange and product oxygenation systems that can be set and adjusted, to favour a more homogeneous fermentation.

Suited to more artisanal productions, they combine the constructive characteristics of a modern curing system with the ancient technologies of curing in grottoes or cellars.

The BIOXTECH® systems for traditional environments use static systems with stainless steel piping, and the size of the exchange surfaces is ideal for controlling product humidity.

Special wall cabinets with heat coils offer complete management of temperature and humidity parameters, once again with an air exchange and product oxygenation system.

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