Insulated panels and doors


Insulated panels and doors

Isostandard® insulated panels

ISOSTANDARD® insulated panels are a kind of particularly sturdy and sanitisable panels in euroclass B s2 d0.
Surfaces are in stainless steel with hot plasticized, “ISOGLASS®” embossed resin or simply zinc-coated pre-painted finish.

Joints are silicone-free to ensure thermal insulation and a high degree of sanitization.

All ISOSTANDARD® assembly components are in stainless steel to prevent formation of “rust spots”.

The load-bearing capacity of ceiling panels is guaranteed by a special “gull-wing” profile designed in association with the University of Padua.

The lower parts of the panels are protected from impacts by means of the specially developed ISOPROTECT® system. Rugged, attractive, washable, easily replaced and occupying no extra space, the ISOPROTECT® system prevents damage to panels by passing trolleys, tables or any other source.

It could be furthermore used to retrain damaged or corroded surfaces.

Insulated panels and doors

A complete range of refrigerator doors, special doors for clean rooms, food-approved windows flush-mounted with panels, all strictly in stainless steel, make ISOSTANDARD® the ideal system for the construction of food storage and processing environments resistant to any type of corrosion and perfectly compliant with the strictest health and hygiene regulations.

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