Industrial refrigeration plants


Industrial refrigeration plants

Since many years Standard Tech has built eco-friendly refrigeration systems with low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant fluids.

As evidence of this are the multiple realizations that use inhibited propylene glycol for food use and microchannel heat exchanger for the ECOFREDDO® coolingmean low charge refrigeration plants.

However, the tightening of regulations that involved the major EU countries was a reason for Standard Tech to take a new leap in environmental quality.

The new generation ECOFREDDO® refrigerating plants operate with 100% CO2 (transcritical condition) that means in total lack of fluorinated gases, neither on the condensing side, also offering affordable energy savings with a high average COP over the entire year of operation.

Industrial refrigeration plants

A sophisticated heat recovery system, always installed on these plants, increases even more the efficiency creating hot water suitable for industrial purposes or workplaces heating.

The low ammonia (NH3) charge ECOFREDDO® refrigerating plants come into play when the cooling capacity to be supplied is high. They use the prophylenic glycol  again as the intermediate exchange fluid.

The quantity of ammonia used is less than 75 kg therefore no particular authorization by fire department is required or even the presence of licensed maintenance technician internal at the user company.

The condensation of these plants takes place by means of closed circuit evaporative towers equipped with an anti-legionella system or through microchannel air condensers to keep the ammonia charge within the limits.

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