Iced Water Production


Iced Water Production

The iced water production innovative method created by Standard Tech takes fully into account the developments that have invested dairy establishment in the last years.

The modern ECOFREDDO® chillers working with low charge of NH3 or with CO₂ ensure constantly 0,5°C water for all the production cycles of the dairy besides being null or very low environmental impact.

The new technology averts the use of obsolete iced water basins, poorly performing and bulky in any position they are placed. Being at high-refrigerant gas content, they are disliked by new regulatory tightening as well as end users in case of losses, considering that large amounts of gas are transformed into large sums of money to spend, and dangerous damage to the environment.

The VERT-ICE® system, instead, is particularly suitable for those with space problems since the installation is less impactful, and this is especially suitable in the case of modernizations or production upgrades when the available spaces are even smaller.

Iced Water Production

Given the continuing period of economic crisis, always more often dairies turn towards diversification of their offer (a single product plant is now rare) and this fits perfectly the technology for the instant production of process water, since the dairy itself may have different energy needs, both in terms of quantity and temperature, along the week or even during the single day.

VERT-ICE® system is therefore less binding compared the traditional accumulation tanks, and provides a high yield in case of direct iced water production. It also offers an advantage in case of prolongation of working hours.

The water is the real Achilles’ heel of the old systems which, once finished the ice at their disposal, they are forcibly transformed in instant iced water production plants, becoming energy-intensive machines and poorly performing.

Finally, in the past, traditional systems were sized to accumulate ice during the night, when the electric energy was less expensive but now, that the benefits of the double time slot are not as convenient, as they used to be, also this hypothetical advantage is further disqualified.

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