Industrial Cold Rooms Manufacturer

Industrial Cold Rooms Manufacturer

An industrial cold rooms manufacturer you can trust

Our range of industrial cold rooms caters for every size and type of food operation. At Standard Tech, we deliver effective and reliable solutions for the storage of chilled and frozen products. The cold rooms we manufacture also serve as temperature-controlled distribution stores, food preparation and production areas.

Bespoke cold room solutions for every business

We are an industrial cold rooms manufacturer that creates bespoke solutions according to the needs of food businesses. The refrigeration panels we make are limited in size only by site dimensions and transport arrangements.

At Standard Tech, we create a wide range of panel thicknesses for cold rooms, depending on whether ambient, chilled or frozen food storage is required. Our super-resistant panels are made with laminated steel and fiberglass, making them strong, durable and dependable.

Industrial cold room manufacturer
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Reliable cold room doors

Standard Tech cold rooms feature the very latest in door technology, which ensures optimum performance whilst providing appropriate access. The doors we use in the manufacture of cold rooms are appropriate for the site and the operation. We create doors from high quality stainless steel in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For fork-lift access, we create heavy duty sliding doors that can be opened manually or electrically.

Efficient and aesthetically pleasing cold room solutions

Our turnkey refrigeration solutions help food operations to make the best possible use of their existing space. We utilise the very latest refrigeration technology to create cold rooms that are as reliable as they are efficient. And we do all of this whilst paying attention to the aesthetic design features so many food businesses want to see.

Whether you’re a small dairy operation or a large-scale meat processor, we are an industrial cold room manufacturer you can rely on.