Croissants, Italian Goodness!

Croissants, Italian Goodness!

7 September 2022

They are part, together with the cappuccino, of the classic combination of the Italian breakfast par excellence.

Millions of Italians love to start their day like this! Empty, wholemeal, filled with cream, chocolate or jam, they have taste and quality in common.

This breakfast can also be comfortably eaten at home, by purchasing quality products even at your trusted supermarket.

Surely one of the secrets for being able to compare a product coming from an industrial production to that made in an artisan laboratory is the slow leavening, but perhaps not everyone knows that, even beforehand, the cooling process of the puff pastry is essential to create the so-called “leather effect”, i.e. to prevent the creation of oxygen bubbles from affecting the subsequent phase, namely leavening.

Another secret to obtaining a puffy and fragrant product is the quick packaging, in order not to lose the fragrance and the perfume, made after rapid cooling after cooking.

Standard Tech installations supports customers in the creation of refrigeration systems, rapid blast chilling systems for sheets and finished products and industrial leavening rooms, each of them capable of guaranteeing the correct management of the cold and of all the other thermo-hygrometric parameters involved, to obtain a homogeneous and quality product.

Those who choose Standard Tech choose not only a supplier of refrigeration systems, but also a “partner” for the creation of their quality products.