Choose quality, choose the future, choose Standard Tech!

Choose quality, choose the future, choose Standard Tech!

14 July 2023

In a world increasingly attentive to energy saving, the reduction of waste and waste, the continuous reduction of polluting emissions, the quality of plants and components plays a fundamental role.

A quality system, with high-end components, coupled with new technologies and high installation standards, are the winning move to face the problems that have become daily.

Let’s start for example from our panels and our windows, doors and gates.

The high quality, the installation according to strict controls with a high quality standard, the careful choice of materials and mounting technology, minimize heat loss, thus reducing extra consumption by limiting the use and function of refrigeration systems.

The high quality of the materials of the panels themselves, the accessories for assembly and installation on site, the technologies used on site and the professionalism of our collaborators ensure the correct installation in a workmanlike manner, packaging for the customer a package extremely attentive to the factors described above.

Our plants are the result of thirty years of studies and experience, with the awareness acquired from our past, but with an eye constantly projected towards the future. The first step to ensure a better tomorrow is to take care of the present, and this philosophy is applied in all our projects.

State-of-the-art machinery, the best components on the market, innovative solutions attentive to saving and reducing pollution are the main cornerstones in our proposals. An emblematic example is our energy saving package alongside the “Free Cooling” system that allows you to air and air condition the rooms with a natural air exchange, if conditions permit. When the technical characteristics are met, our systems “turn off” the plants and activate a recirculation of fresh, filtered and sanitized air, with minimal electricity consumption.

A careful look at these solutions allows economic savings over the life of a plant, also reducing wear and consumption of the components themselves. These are just a few examples, but the continuous research and development of these technologies raise the quality standard of our proposals day after day.

Quality and technology are therefore the right way to respect the environment and safeguard our planet.

Choose quality, choose the future, choose Standard-Tech.