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Categoria: News

Categoria: News

19 October 2023

A high-tech diary, 100% Green, in the heart of the Alps

Located in the upper Valtellina, the dairy was built with a 100% Green refrigeration system operating on CO2 and cold glycol water, in the total absence of HFC fluids.

14 July 2023

Choose quality, choose the future, choose Standard Tech!

In a world increasingly attentive to energy saving, the reduction of waste and waste, the continuous reduction of polluting emissions, the quality of plants and components plays a fundamental role.

18 May 2023

Bread the bread of the executioner

The bread in bauletto (or pancarré) is a type of bread generally used for the preparation of toast, remarkably soft, which also lends itself very well to the preparation of sandwiches.

4 May 2023

The importance of CLEARCLIMA® conditioning on a yogurt processing and packaging environment

Hygiene management in yoghurt production and packaging premises is essential.

27 April 2023

Anti-seismic refrigerated structures

It is evident to everyone that in recent years, also due to climate change, the number of earthquakes is rising sharply.

11 April 2023

Commercial conditioning it’s just a distant relative of industrial refrigeration.

If it is true that the simultaneous production of cold and heat with a single machine is not our invention, it is not a gamble to say that we were the first to make it work in the refrigeration of fluids at negative temperature.

20 March 2023

The frozen products

In the last period, the frozen products sector has recorded unprecedented numbers, with an increasingly marked growth year after year.

13 January 2023

The cold in question is a continuous evolution

We recently came across a construction design challenge that at the beginning, given the thirty-year experience in food refrigeration, seemed easy but gradually the customer’s needs were revealed along the way and our technicians had to bring out the best in themselves.

11 January 2023


Tortillas is a type of low, unleavened bread, consisting of water and corn or wheat flour. It is a typical product of Mexico and in Spanish literally means “small cake”.