Anti-seismic refrigerated structures

Anti-seismic refrigerated structures

27 April 2023

It is evident to everyone that in recent years, also due to climate change, the number of earthquakes is rising sharply.

In the Italian peninsula you can count almost an earthquake every 30min, a scenario increasingly growing in the recent period.

If it has become normal to hear about seismic retrofitting of industrial buildings such as warehouses, or residential buildings such as condominiums, often the connection is not so obvious when it comes to cold rooms or rooms made with sandwich paneling.

But the attention must be the same!
The images of the wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano collapsed during the recent Emilian earthquake of 2012, and with that devastating domino effect that amplified the economic damage to the structures, are still etched in everyone’s mind; The same attention should also be paid to cold rooms equipped with shelving that could lead to the same type of damage.

In addition, people often do not automatically give the right consideration to sandwich panel structures built inside the sheds: when these are also medium-sized in the event of an earthquake they could collapse on the heads of the operators causing not only structural damage, but also creating dangerous situations with deadly implications.

Here in the sizing and construction of a structure in panels must be considered the seismic zone and consequently the project must be adequate, considering the correct thickness of the panels based on the height of the rooms, and preparing special anti-seismic supports according to the nature of the shed.

Standard-tech has been designing and manufacturing anti-seismic turnkey refrigerated structures for years to relieve the customer from this impactful constructive aspect.