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Since 1992, Standard Tech has specialized in the manufacture of high-technology sanitising plants and systems for the food industry and all sectors where air contamination is a critical issue.

Certified ISO 9001-2015, PED 97-23-CE and F-GAS CE 303-2008, the company is widely structured for “turnkey” design, production in the workshop, installation on site and assistance 24/7 of industrial refrigeration systems that use ammonia, CO2, freon and glycol as refrigerants with advanced technical solutions to promote energy savings and high reliability.

Each plant is monitored with personalised supervision systems in order to allow remote management and fault prevention.

The strength of Standard Tech is the creation of “turnkey” industrial refrigeration systems, in order to allow the customer to interface with a single interlocutor.

Our company manages requests for quotations through on-site visits by highly qualified technicians, and develops the most technically suitable projects and proposals in a totally customized way.

The design phase is totally taken care of within the company and, during the construction phase, followed by the project manager who has many years of experience. The after-sales service is managed by several authorized assistance centers located in all the countries in which our company operates, in order to offer a more widespread and timely service to our clients.

Years in the market

Years in the market





Milions of turnover

Milions of turnover

The industrial refrigeration systems built by Standard Tech mainly cover the following sectors:

  • Dairy Industry

    Dairy Industry

  • Meat processing industry

    Meat processing industry

  • Industrial bakeries and pastry shops

    Industrial bakeries and pastry shops

  • Fishing industry

    Fishing industry

  • Cold cuts processing industry

    Cold cuts processing industry

  • Ham processing industry

    Ham processing industry

  • Canning industry

    Canning industry

  • Storage centers and distribution platforms

    Storage centers and distribution platforms

  • Industrial gastronomies

    Industrial gastronomies

  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

    Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry

  • Fruit and vegetable sector

    Fruit and vegetable sector

  • Industrial pasta factories and milling industry

    Industrial pasta factories and milling industry

  • Wineries, wine sector and breweries

    Wineries, wine sector and breweries



Creation of Standard Tech Studio

Standard Tech Studio was born with the activity of thermodynamic design and it was based in Grisignano di Zocco (VI).


Standard Tech Impianti snc

Standard Tech Studio becomes Standard Tech Impianti snc and the adventure begins with the construction of the first refrigeration system at BURRO DELLE ALPI in Zanè (VI).


New headquarters in Camisano

Standard Tech Impianti snc moves to Camisano Vicentino (VI) with new headquarters of about 300 square meters more suitable for the growing volume of activity.


New warehouse of 900 square meters

Standard Tech Impianti snc purchases its first 900 square meters warehouse and relocates the business activity in Villafranca Padovana (PD).


Second warehouse of 2.000 square meters

Standard Tech Impianti snc becomes Standard Tech Impianti Srl and purchases the second 2.000 square meters warehouse to increase production with the new equipped workshop and logistics with the new storehouse.


Standard Tech lands abroad

While the expansion throughout Italy continues, Islands included, Standard Tech Impianti srl builds an important ammonia plant at the Meggle Group GmBh based in Bosnia.


Standard Tech in the USA

Standard Tech lands in the United States with the construction of 2 important plants: one in Texas and one in Florida for Gruma Corporation Dba Mission Food, a Mexican multinational producer of cornmeal and tortillas.


Celebration for 30 years of activity

Standard Tech celebrates 30 years of activity and the continuous expansion abroad with increasingly important orders that require an increase in share capital from €. 500.000.00 to €. fully paid.


Celebration for the 800th realization

Standard Tech celebrates its 800th plant with the new robotic clean room for the production of natural croissants without preservatives at Bauli spa in Castel D’Azzano (VR).

Equipped to our industrial refrigeration systems, Standard Tech offers a series of patented implements such as:

  • Panels, doors and accessories for ISOSTANDARD® sanitisable environments
  • Ecological ECOFREDDO® refrigeration plants
  • Certified STERILTECH® clean rooms
  • Totally sanitisable UNIGEN PLUS® air handling unit to install on the ground
  • Totally sanitisable and wall hanging UNIGEN® air handling unit
  • Manually sanitisable IBERNET® air treatment unit to be installed on the ground or on the wall
  • VELO-CE® air diffusers in washable fabric, Class 1, supported with stainless steel accessories
  • TECNOFLUX SYSTEM® air distribution systems for seasoning
  • BIOXTECH® aging systems in caves or in ancient environments
  • VERT-ICE® chilled water production systems
  • CRYORAPID® freezing or cooling tunnels
  • LOW COST ENERGY® energy saving devices
  • Stainless steel or polyethylene RACKING® shelving
  • CONTROL TECH 3000® electronic regulation and remote management systems
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