A high-tech diary, 100% Green, in the heart of the Alps

A high-tech diary, 100% Green, in the heart of the Alps

19 October 2023

Located in the upper Valtellina in the heart of the Stelvio National Park, in total harmony with the beauty of the renowned tourist resort that welcomes it, the dairy was built with a 100% Green refrigeration system operating on CO2 and cold glycol water, in the total absence of HFC fluids.

The engine room consists of two totally independent chillers, capable of generating 250,000 kcal/h of cooling power each, for the production of cold glycol water at -6 °C.

On the roof, aided by the year-round cool climate even during the summer months, the CO2 is cooled by means of two gas coolers that are once again independent, to ensure total operational safety.

These conditions make the system even more performing than an NH3/glycol plant of equal power, given that the annual yield benefits from an excellent Cop during the cold months and also excellent in summer given the pleasant average outdoor temperature of the locality.

The cold water is produced through an instantaneous 200 kW “Falling film” exchanger: the best way to reduce the refrigerant charge on the entire system, unlike the old systems with storage tanks and exchange coils with large quantities of gas, as well as to satisfactorily meet sometimes unpredictable energy demands.

The processing rooms all operate in a free cooling regime to further optimize energy consumption, and are equipped with sanitizable AHUs that allow you to control internal pressures by conveying them from the cleanest areas to the dirtiest ones.

The different seasonings present, both static and dynamic, are all made with the latest technology AHUs and full stainless steel heat exchangers using “P.I.D.” adjustments. (Proportional Integral Derivative) on the glycol water mixture: a system that guarantees optimal adjustment of the maturing parameters to obtain the high quality soft and aged cheeses desired by the customer.

Last but not least, the brain of the plant: a maxi electrical control panel programmed with the latest generation Siemens software, built in full accordance with the 4.0 transition plan, which embraces all the necessary customizations and special customer requests, managed by means of intuitive and easy-to-use graphic interfaces.