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Standard Tech impianti Srl

Since 1992, Standard Tech has specialized in the manufacture of high-technology sanitizing plants and systems for the food industry and all sectors where air contamination is a critical issue.

The company manages quotation requests through on-site inspections by highly qualified engineers and designs projects and the most technically suitable plan in an entirely customised way.

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Years in the market

Years in the market





Milions of turnover

Milions of turnover

Our services

Over the years we have mainly structured ourselves in the construction of very high-quality refrigeration systems with internal design, machine production in the workshop, installation on site and after-sales technical assistance.

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Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration Systems

In the last decade Standard Tech has committed without rest to the construction of totally eco-friendly and low energy consumption plants.



During the years the technical office has expanded and structured itself for 360°C design activity with the implementation of the internal programming related to PLC systems for a continuous energy efficiency in the production of cold.



Special machines are produced in our workshop of about 800 square meters which is equipped to work in total safety.



The installation takes place with our veteran teams coordinated on site by our Project Managers.

After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

Our after-sales service is active 7/7 – 24 hours a day with our specialized technicians who collaborate with external refrigeration operators on site to cover all distances within 24 hours.

Our references

Great companies chose us to carry out their projects.

Bauli Spa
Parmalat Spa – Lactalis Group
Morato Pane
E.J. Papadopoulus Sa
F.lli Pinna Industria Casearia Spa
Leroy Sea Food Group ASA
Le Delizie in Tavola – Opson Srl
Barilla Spa
Pastificio Avesani Srl
Dac Spa
Bonomi Spa
Caseifico Longo Spa
Sfoglia Torino Srl
Kuehne + Nagel Srl
Salumificio Val Rendena Spa
Rialto Frutta Srl
Megic Pizza Srl
Jomi Spa
Mutti Spa Industrie Conserve Alimentari
Vandemoortele Italia Spa
Beta Trans Spa
Celjske Mesnine D.O.O.
La.Bu.Nat. Srl
Gromart Srl – Gruppo Unilever
Gamma Frutta Spa
Latteria e caseificio Moro Srl
Gruma Corporation DBA Mission Food
Fattoria Scaldasole Srl
Rigoni di Asiago Spa
Caseificio Pugliese F.lli Radicci Spa
Finpesca Spa
Biraghi Spa
Caseificio Storico di Amatrice – F.lli Petrucci Srl
Munafò Srl
I.L.C. La Mediterranea Spa
Sottolestelle Srl
La Contadina Soc. Coop. A.R.L.
Alha Airport Spa
Inalpi Spa
Petason D.O.O.
Venchiaredo Spa – Gruppo Granarolo
F.lli Caprino Srl
Savencia Fromage & Dairy Hungary ZRT.
Pik Vrbovec Mesna Industrija D.D.
Kobrin Butter and Cheese Making Factory
Bortolomiol Spa
Kraft Mondelez – Bahrain
Balviten Gluten Free
Eurovo Srl
Prosciuttificio Montevecchio Srl
Ortoromi Soc. Coop. Agr.
Caseificio Sociale Ponte di Barbarano Soc. Agr. Coop.
Blu Ocean Srl
Esca Dolciaria Srl
Meggle Group GmbH
Lizzi Srl – Gruppo Forno d’Asolo
Eridania Spa
Marchi Spa
Emmi Dessert Italia Spa
O.P. Consorzio Funghi di Treviso S.C.A.
Di Bartolo Srl
Funghidea Srl
Tipico Srl
Di Nunzio Srl
Carni Dock Srl
Tecnimed Srl
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Latest news

13 March 2024

Standard Tech present at the Anuga FoodTec 2024 fair

Standard Tech present in Anuga FoodTec 2024 fair

19 October 2023

A high-tech diary, 100% Green, in the heart of the Alps

Located in the upper Valtellina, the dairy was built with a 100% Green refrigeration system operating on CO2 and cold glycol water, in the total absence of HFC fluids.

5 October 2023

Standard Tech present in Monaco at the IBA 2023 fair

Standard Tech Impianti will be present at the international Exhibition IBA 2023 in Munich

3 October 2023

Standard Tech present in Parma at the Cibus Tec 2023 fair

Standard Tech Impianti will be at the international Cibus Tec 2023 exhibition in Parma

14 July 2023

Choose quality, choose the future, choose Standard Tech!

In a world increasingly attentive to energy saving, the reduction of waste and waste, the continuous reduction of polluting emissions, the quality of plants and components plays a fundamental role.

18 May 2023

Bread the bread of the executioner

The bread in bauletto (or pancarré) is a type of bread generally used for the preparation of toast, remarkably soft, which also lends itself very well to the preparation of sandwiches.

4 May 2023

The importance of CLEARCLIMA® conditioning on a yogurt processing and packaging environment

Hygiene management in yoghurt production and packaging premises is essential.

27 April 2023

Anti-seismic refrigerated structures

It is evident to everyone that in recent years, also due to climate change, the number of earthquakes is rising sharply.

11 April 2023

Commercial conditioning it’s just a distant relative of industrial refrigeration.

If it is true that the simultaneous production of cold and heat with a single machine is not our invention, it is not a gamble to say that we were the first to make it work in the refrigeration of fluids at negative temperature.

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